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The Suit Concierge

This week, I had the pleasure of being invited by, Hemant, the Director of the The Suit Concierge to come and have a look at their first Australian shopfront at 214 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria, and have a play in the store. I felt up so many fabrics it was probably bordering on indecent! Hemant […]

vera wang

Autumn/winter catwalk trends: witchy woman

I want this look to be mine until the end of time. Cobweb lace, black, sheers, layers. It’s a Stevie Nicks dream. Chanel Phoebe English Sharon Wauchob Simone Rocha Talbot Runhof Thom Browne Vanessa Seward (All images from Style.com)


Harlow Autumn/Winter available now!

Oh my god, Harlow have released their schmick new lookbook for autumn/winter 15, including a new addition — jewellery, freakin’ jeans and two items that are screaming my name once I had a full-time job. I call this the Morticia Addams dress. It’s actual name is the Heartbreaker Knot Front dress. I was lucky enough […]


  • I was contacted by Rinu at Stylish Dressing, a curated plus sized fashion inspiration blog, in order to write a guest post about myself on the site. I happily accepted, because I do love talking about myself after all. I talk about how leopard print is always on trend, something I pretty much FERVENTLY believe -- here is the post. #
  • The other week, Marianne from ASOS contacted me to ask if they could write a guest post for my blog. I accepted and here is the post: This season it is all about colours and prints. Keep on reading to get tips and inspiration. At the beach: Colours Colour, colour and more colours! This season’s bikinis are pop-colour, colour blocking and pastels. Be bold and use any colours of the rainbow and get down to the beach! You can add some seaside glamour with strong powerful colours like rich royal blue and golden accessories. The inspiration is from the exotic seaside, basking in the luxury of cool azure and shimmering gold. Finish the look with bronzed tan and minimal make-up and you will look luxurious and fabulous. Brazilian beach style has inspired Australia with its colourful party spirit, jewel tones and citrus colours. The prints are many, tropical and wearing fruit prints makes you look fresh and good during the hot weather. A “must have” in the sun is totes and towels. A glaring colourful towel and carryall is what you need at the beach. The mixed colours will make you anything but boring and you can relax by the water and look fabulously hot. Casual: Mixed prints Nothing is too wacky or wild this season when it comes to street-style. Let the patterns run wild by mixing, mashing and clashing them up in your ensembles with reckless, careless abandon. Mixing up prints will make you sand out and make you look cool and interesting. It is also the perfect way to offset ladylike looks and prim pastel tones by adding a touch of kooky to your outfit. An easy way of getting the look is to use a colourful dress with a pair patterned bag. One of the designers favourites is lace because of its sexy feel, beautiful look and it adds style to any outfit. Designers love to pair lace with alternate trends like prints and pleats. Lace has never really stopped being fashionable as it has always evoked strong associations with femininity. Some designers look to make clothes that is meant to last forever and therefore the search and creation is well thought out. Famous designers like Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood have done many experiments and have brought fresh elegance to the table. Its influences have been passed down for generations and it seems like the audience can seems to never get enough. Lace is a timeless fashion trend. ETA: ASOS has recently introduced their Bikini Mixer for this summer, for those of us who like to shop to body type. I'm a bit of a mix of body types, honestly and usually don't like to ascribe my body to a particular shape as such, but for those of you who do follow it, it's a pretty interesting tool! And hey, it's fun to play with and see what you can pick and choose to wear. #
  • It was brought to my attention that I was featured in Fashion Review's Top Australian Fashion blogs of 2012. It is totally awesome to be included in amongst such fantastic fashion blogs. I am so flattered! #
  • I have put myself on a spending ban for clothing -- my poor, bursting wardrobe cannot take it anymore. That doesn't mean that I can't purchase (or wishlist at least) accessories and shoes. I came across Look Delicious the other week and pretty much fell in love with the bright, shiny colours. I am from Queensland after all. I need to live up to our turquoise obsession. Current wants: The shoe range seems to only go to a 40 (is that a 9?), but I hope there might be an expansion at some time. #
  • I was recently contacted by NixCo, a film PR agency based in Sydney to ask if I could write about a new movie that is coming out today: Bill Cunningham, New York. I've never written about movies that I want to see before, as most of them aren't exactly relevant when it comes to fashion-related subjects that I write about. But finally, there is a movie I want to see AND it's related to fashion. How lucky can you get! Bill Cunningham is a street style photographer that has been on the scene for years -- decades, actually. I often check his photographs out during Fashion Weeks in particular, because I love his eye. I think he takes the most diverse photos there are at the moment (as diverse as you can get in the fashion scene!) -- he doesn't seem to care what's "in" or "fashion", and I really enjoy the personality that shines through in individual photographs. He seems to bring it out in the people he shoots. The movie follows the notoriously private Cunningham and shows a solitary, quiet man, who has an obssesive love for his work. It interviews various people in Bill's life -- from his colleagues to fashion editors and New York society staples and reveals a side of New York City that isn't often captured. I cannot wait to see it. #

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